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Executive Board


Randy Hagler - President


Randy Hagler

Randy Hagler began his law enforcement career with the Hickory Police Department in 1978. He moved back to Charlotte in 1979 to work for the Charlotte Police Department. His law enforcement service included patrol, investigations, patrol sergeant, and motor sergeant. He completed his career with CMPD supervising the School Resource Officers Unit.  After retiring from CMPD in 2007, Randy served 11 years with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Police Department retiring in 2018 as Chief.


Randy first joined the Fraternal Order of Police in 1978 while with the Hickory Police Department and continued his membership after moving back to Charlotte. He has served in various positions with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg FOP Lodge #9 including six years as Lodge President.  He became active on the State Lodge Board of Directors in 1999 when he ran for National Trustee, a position he held for nine years before he ran for State Vice President. After four years as Vice President he ran for State Lodge President and is now in his 5th term in that position.

Chet Effler - Treasurer


Chet Effler

Chet Effler began his law enforcement career with the Marion Police Department in 1996. Chet served as a Magistrate for three years prior to joining the Criminal Investigations Division with the North Carolina Department of Insurance. He has served as a Special Agent, District Commander, and in January 2019 was appointed to the rank of Division Chief.  Chet holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Masters in Education Administration, and a Juris Doctorate. 


Chet started in the FOP as a Charter Member of Lodge 84 in McDowell County. He has served in multiple local lodge positions including Lodge Secretary, Lodge Trustee, and 2nd Vice President. Chet has served 13 years as State Trustee and was elected to the State Lodge Executive Board as Chairman of Trustees. He is currently in his third term as State Treasurer. Chet is most proud of overseeing financial services that have placed the NCFOP on solid financial ground for years to come. 

Greg Brown - Sgt. at Arms


Greg Brown

Greg Brown began his law enforcement career with the Rocky Mount Police Department in 1995. His law enforcement service included patrol officer, narcotics unit, bike patrol unit, school resource officer, field training officer and senior patrol officer. He retired in 2006, after suffering a career ending injury while on duty in 2005.


Greg first joined the Fraternal Order of Police in 2005 while with the Rocky Mount Police Department. He has served in various positions with the Rocky Mount FOP Lodge #46 including thirteen years as State Trustee, a position he currently holds and two years as Lodge President. 


He became active on the State Lodge Board of Directors in 2014 when he was elected Sergeant at Arms, a position he has held for six years and is now in his 4th term.

Dennis McCrary - National Trustee

National Trustee

Dennis McCrary

Dennis McCrary began his law enforcement career in 1974 as a patrol officer with the Mecklenburg County Police Department in 1974. He progressed through the ranks working in all areas of the Department including Patrol, Investigations, Communications, Personnel and Training, Internal Affairs and Lake Enforcement. At the time of consolidation of the Mecklenburg County Police and the Charlotte Police Department, Dennis was a Captain assigned to Internal Affairs. Later he was promoted to Major. He served in numerous areas within the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department and retired in 2003. Dennis continued to serve as a Major in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Reserves until 2012. During that time, he also twice served as Interim Chief of Police for the Monroe Police Department.


Dennis was born and raised in Lexington, North Carolina. He graduated from Davidson County Community College with an Associate Degree in Police Science. Later he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Police Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Dennis is also a graduate of the University of Louisville Southern Police Institute Administrative Officers School


Dennis joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg FOP Lodge 9 in the mid 70’s and has been very active for many years. He has held numerous offices in Lodge 9 including 4 years as Treasurer and 4 years as Vice-President. Dennis has also held positions as Trustee, Treasurer and Vice-President for the NC State FOP. He has also served on numerous local, state and national FOP committees. Dennis is the FOP National Trustee for North Carolina and is Chairman of the National Disaster Relief Committee.

Robert Gaddy - Vice President

Vice President

Robert Gaddy, Jr

With over 25 years of law enforcement experience, Robert is a career veteran of Law Enforcement. He is a retired Captain of the Durham Police Department and now serves as a Captain with the North Carolina Central University Police Department. He has expert skills in Tactical Law Enforcement, Drug Interdiction, and Narcotics and Criminal Investigations. Robert continues to be highly competitive, passionate, persuasive, and articulate. He can achieve results others believe to be impossible. He is currently assigned to the Uniform Patrol Services as the University Operations Commander. Throughout his career at the Durham Police Department, he served the department in multiple capacities; Executive Officer to the Deputy Chief, Commander of the Special Projects and Logistics Bureau, District 3 Commander, Assistant Commander of the Special Operations Division, Assistant Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division, Assistant Commander of District 4, District 1  High Enforcement Abatement Team, Selective Enforcement Team (also known as SWAT), Highway Interdiction Team, Gang Unit, Vice Narcotics Investigator and Uniform Patrol. As a Highway Interdiction Officer, Robert effectively altered the illegal drug trade in Durham and many other cities throughout the eastern seaboard of the United States of America. Robert holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from North Carolina Central University.

Robert’s FOP journey started in 1995 when he joined the Durham Police Department as a police recruit. Since then, Robert has served the local lodge in multiple positions: Peace Officers Memorial Service Chairman, FOP, Cops, and Kids Chairman, Lodge Trustee, and he is the current Lodge President. Robert has served in multiple capacities in the North Carolina State Lodge. He has served as the Membership & Recruitment Committee Chairman, State Sergeant at Arms, and 2nd Vice President. Nationally, Robert currently serves as the National Diversity Committee Chairman. As the current State Vice President, Robert enjoys representing North Carolina members and FOP members nationally. Daily, he is doing his part in helping to assure the Fraternal Order of Police’s relevancy for years to come.

Phil Wiggins - Chaplain

State Chaplain & National Chaplain

Phil Wiggins

Phil Wiggins began his law enforcement career with the Durham Police Department in 1969 and joined the Durham County FOP Lodge 2 in 1971.  Phil worked in the Uniform Patrol Division, Vice and Narcotics Division and the Detective Division.  In 1974 Phil left the Durham Police Department and enrolled at Campbell College, which is now Campbell University, where he earned a degree in Religious Education. Then he enrolled at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a Masters of Religious Education degree.


Phil returned to Durham in 1983, applied and was hired by the Durham Public Safety Department as a Public Safety Officer. Besides his police and fire duties, Phil was given duties as a volunteer chaplain. He worked on several street crimes units and was assigned as an investigator in the Organized Crime Division. Phil was promoted to Police Captain and after three years he retired in 2003 as the Commander of Uniform Patrol Support Services.
In 1986 Phil was elected to the Office of Chaplain of the Durham County FOP Lodge 2 and has served as Chaplain continuously since then, except from 1996-2000 when he was elected and served as the President of Lodge 2.  In 1994 Phil was elected as the North Carolina Fraternal Order of Police State Chaplain and has continuously served in this position.  In 2009 Phil was appointed by National FOP President Chuck Canterbury as FOP Grand Lodge Chaplain and he was reappointed in 2019 by newly elected National FOP President Patrick Yoes to continue to serve in this role. 
Phil considers it an honor to attend and participate as Chaplain in annual local, state, and national Peace Officers Memorial Services and feels privileged to be able to minister to the men and women in law enforcement across the country. He was honored to serve as a volunteer with the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team and travel across the country to bring comfort and hope to families of officers killed in the line of duty and in cities experiencing civil unrest. 


Phil received the National Fraternal Order of Police Jack Dudek Member of the Year Award for 2019. This most prestigious award was presented to Phil in recognition of his time-tested selfless service and dedication to the community, the law enforcement profession, our members, and the Fraternal Order of Police. 

John Byrd - Chairman of the Trustees.JPG

Chair of Trustees

John Byrd

John Robert Byrd Sr. started his career August 3, 1976 with the Durham Police Department in the Park Patrol Unit. In 1995 he was promoted to the Sergeant of the Park Patrol Unit. In 2000 he was promoted to Lieutenant and served as Asst. Division Commander in Community Services, District 3 and retired on May 1, 2005 as Asst. Division Commander in the Special Operations Division.


John joined Durham Lodge #2 in 1978 and served two terms as Lodge Trustee. In 1998 he was Charter Member of Person County Lodge #74 and served as it's first president a position he still holds until this day with the newly merged Hubert E. Tyndall Tri-County Lodge #74 serving Granville, Person and Vance Counties.


John has served two terms as 2nd Vice President on the State Executive Board, two terms as Vice President and was recently re-elected to his second term as Chairman of Trustees, John has an Associate Degree from Chowan Jr. College and Durham Technical Institute. He holds a Bachelors Degree from Mars Hill College and a Masters from NC State University.

Lynn Wilson - Secretary


Lynn Wilson

In 1987, Lynn was hired by the Asheville Police Department on July 4th, sworn in on September 17th, and became a member of Asheville’s FOP Lodge #1 at their October 1st, meeting. February 2001, she became Chaplain of Lodge #1 with a short time as the Lodge Treasurer.  


Presently, Lynn is Lodge #1’s Secretary and has held that position since February 2002. 

She has served on the NC State FOP Awards Committee, and is currently on the NC State FOP Legal Aid Committee having where she has served for several years. 


At the 2016 Biennial Conference, Lynn was elected to the position of NC FOP State Secretary where she continues to serve to the present day.

James Shores - 2nd Vice President

2nd Vice President

James Shores

James Shores began his law enforcement career in 1994 after serving in the US Marine Corps from 1989 to 1993. He is a 26-year veteran law enforcement officer and is currently a Patrol Supervisor, with the rank of Corporal, with the Thomasville Police Department. He is married to Michelle Shores and they have 4 children and 2 grandchildren. James holds an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice Technology from Stanly Community College. 


James joined the Triad FOP Lodge 79 in 2004 and has served in various positions to include Sergeant-at-Arms, Second Vice President, and Vice President.  In 2013, James was a Founding/Charter member of the Davidson County FOP Lodge 97, where he is currently the Lodge President. James was elected as the State 2nd Vice President in 2017 due to that office becoming open midterm. He was just recently re-elected in 2020 to the office of State 2nd Vice President. 

Terry Mangum - Immediate Past President

Immediate Past President

Terry Mangum

Terry Mangun began his law enforcement career with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office in 1976. In 1977 he began working for the Durham Department of Public Safety. Then in 1986 the Department of Public Safety split into two Departments, Police and Fire, and Terry opted to go to the Police Department. His law enforcement service included Public Safety, Uniform Patrol, Vice and Narcotics, Organized Crime, Organized Crime Sergeant, and Uniform Patrol Sergeant. Terry completed his career with the Durham Police Department in 2004 retiring as a Police Captain in the position of District Commander for the Central District. Terry holds two Associate Degrees (Police Science and Fire Science), a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, and a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. 


Terry first joined the Fraternal Order of Police in 1976 while with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office. He continued his membership when he moved from the Sheriff’s Office to the Durham Public Safety Department and then Police Department. He became an Officer of Durham County FOP Lodge 2 in 1980 and has served continuously in various positions to include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Second Vice President, Lodge Trustee, and is currently the State Trustee since 2012. Terry became active on the State Lodge Board of Directors in 1984 – 1986 as Guard, 1986 – 1992 as Secretary, and 1992 – 1994 as Vice President. He again became active with the State Lodge as Vice President 2002 -2008, President 2008 – 2012, and Immediate Past President from 2012 until the present time.


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